“Don’t be a prisoner of your own thoughts. Clear the cluttered mind and create a calmer one.”

Breathitation is unique to Power Of CHATT, combining the philosophy of meditation and inner breath work.

Breathitation is a combination of focused breathing and deeper meditation that allows you to experience that conscious awareness on a daily basis. This is not to disrespect the ancient methods and philosophy because they contain knowledge and insight to amazing teachings that can only be achieved through lifelong learning and understanding.

Breathitation does not require physical strength or restrictive to age or ability. As long as you are able to sustain deep and long breathing, you can also enter a complete meditative state. This can be as short as 20 minutes to three hours or longer in deep meditation. Learning to breathe correctly will help with other symptoms like sleep apnea, anxiety, locked jaw syndrome.

What's Included...

This will be covered in two sessions over consecutive weeks to allow time for practice.

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