Mindful Walks

“So much noise all around, but beautiful noise.” 

Get ready and active for the summer. Mindful Walks with friends, family and pets too. Time to have fun and enjoy the outdoors.

We have all been experiencing and getting used to a whole new way of being and, with so much going on, we can release that by getting used to new surroundings. With our Mindful Walks, not only will you get time for yourself, but also share your thoughts with like minded people. One-to-One or in groups, we will create a safe space to hear your stories. We can only learn from one another so that we can let go of those negative feelings and create a more vibrant and positive outlook.

We will work around your time and when find a location like parks, canal walks, designated trails.

Create time to reconnect, engage and appreciate what is always around us.

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