Who We Are.

‘Your health is the real wealth because your Wellbeing is the commodity.’

Power of C.H.A.T.T (Complementary Holistic Alternative Transformation Therapy) has been set up to work with individuals facing the daily struggles of life. Living in a State of Balance can mean anything, but it is primarily about becoming more aware to start making conscious decisions. Being mindful with the correct mindset will always help you when faced with having to make choices about where you are at this moment of your life and what you want from it.

We can provide the necessary tools to help you manage, cope and deal with your present situation or even a past event that is still troubling you. It is about helping you find your Why?

We have worked with individuals, businesses and groups on many levels with the range of services we offer, including mental health and wellbeing during these troubled times. Some of the work has also been with community groups and centres.  

“We are all in search of our true self, yet we live in fear of ourselves.”

Reiki Master & Holistic Life Coach

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